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Suspended Exercise, Adapted


What is The Human Trainer?

Made for versatility, The Human Trainer is a portable, easy to use, and highly effective training system that can be used virtually anywhere by people of all ages and fitness levels.

The Human Trainer harnesses your own bodyweight to provide resistance and gives you virtually unlimited fitness options that train your entire body.


By simply adjusting your angle or changing your grip, you can target any muscle group without having to stop in between exercises.


The Human Trainer engages your core and stabilizers on every exercise, increases your flexibility, and giving you an unbeatable muscular and cardiovascular workout!


Get a Full Body Workout That Fits You - And Get Results Fast!

The Human Trainer is portable, sets up in seconds and gives you a full-body, resistance and cardiovascular workout. Using your own body weight, The Human Trainer lets you achieve exactly the resistance you want simply by shifting the angle. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, The Human Trainer adjusts to YOU.

Eliminate awkward weight machines, bulky dumbbells, flimsy materials, and expensive gym memberships. Astone Fitness brings you ONE simple, effective and portable fitness system. You can do it all with The Human Trainer.


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The Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro

Our Flagship Suspension Gym Package

This package includes all the essential components to give you a full body suspension gym workout.

Web Price: $189.99




  • 2 x Main Straps with Integrated Door Anchors

  • 2 x Short-Versatility Anchors with Integrated Door Anchors

  • 2 x Integrated Foot Cradle Handles

  • 1 x 100+ Page Colour Manual

  • 1 x Mesh Carry Bag
  • 1 x Circuit 7-DVD

  • 1 x Workout in Progress Sign
  • 1 x Certificate of Authenticity

Video Reviews

Product Reviews

  • The BEST Suspension trainer in market.
    Its TWO independient straps make the difference above the rest. You can do mary more exercises and its many rings "inside" straps allow you faster changes in handle positions , making exercises more intense
    Make of sturdy and strong materials you will not have worries in se curity and stability Several accesorios for this suspension trainer make it a complet a perfect PORTABLE gym
    If you want to own a suspension trainer must be this without doubts
    - Angel Rodriguez
  • Workout Anywhere and Extremely Versatile
    “I drive a truck all day, everyday and I sometimes spend up to 14 hours on the road at a time. Whenever I’m feeling tired, or stiff, I pull over and hammer off a Circuit7and I’m back up, ripped and reenergized in just 7 minutes. It’s brilliant.”
    - Henry Dimant, Chicago

  • Quick At Home Workouts
    “It used to take me 2 or 3 cups of coffee in the morning before I could even think about anything. Now, I just wake up, do a Circuit7, and my day is off and running. Not to mention the looks I’ve started getting at the office, with my new body!”
    - Barbara Bird, Kelowna

  • Sports Training Muscle Endurance and Cardio
    "This is a great athletic circuit training DVD. I would recommend this video to those who are training for sports. This workout is fast paced and gives you muscular endurance and cardio."
    - Jason C. Phillips, Toronto

    • Amazingly well thought out and constructed, it’s as robust as they come
    • Flexibility – hundreds of exercise variations to put into your program
    • Designed for athletes, gymnasts, and everyone else in between

    To read the full testimonial, please click here

    - Pure Fitness Functional

  • Efficient Training and Results Fast
    I've been trying to improve my build for months now with diet and weigh training at my local gym with no success. At the recommendation of a friend I bought this kit and I couldn't be more pleased. This kit has given me results that I couldn't achieve with months of intense weight training and dieting in less than a month.
    - D. Lafferty, Colorado


Other Buying Options & Packages

Complete Pro Kit

Includes all The Human Trainer Products and is the ultimate suspension gym kit.
Complete-Pro-Kit-4 300x300

Full Potential Kit

Includes The Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro and our most popular accessories.
FPK border 300 9June15
  • Web Price $399.99

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  • Web Price $369.99

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Olympic Training Kit

Specialized focus for Olympic Ring workouts.
OlympicRingKit-1 300

Rotational Pulley Kit

Specialized focus for Rotational Pulley workouts.
Rotational-Pulley-Kit 300
  • Web Price $ 89.99

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  • Web Price $ 89.99
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The Top 5 Features of the Human Trainer

Most Exercise Options
Greatest amount of setup and exercise options among suspension trainers



Best Warranty
2 years compared to industry average 60 days



Highest Quality Patented D-Ring Design
Quality control tested and made from industrial grade materials



Safe Workouts
Strong and durable materials, connection points, structure and design to keep you safe



Most dynamic and customizable workouts with multiple attachment points and accessories to perform cutting-edge exercises


EPK-9June15 318x169



suspension training

The Clip System Perfected

Customize your workout by setting up multiple handles and attachments in different positions at the same time.

Clip your handles, versatility anchors, and accessories on any of the main straps D-Rings for endless variations of workouts.

Our patented quick-clip system makes adjusting The Human Trainer as simple as clipping in the handles or accessories, allowing for easy transitions between exercises.



standard handles 9June15


suspension training

Dual Anchor Suspension

The Human Trainer comes with two main straps. Both ends of the main straps can attach to a door frame, ceiling mounts or versatility anchors.


With two anchor points this means a much wider variety of exercises.


They each include 5 anchor points called 'D-Rings' which allow you to quickly and safely adjust your exercise on the fly. This is referred to as our Dual Modular Clipping System. This means you can have two anchor locations for a smoother workout with many more workout options.


This makes The Human Trainer the most versatile suspension gym on the market.


suspension training


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