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Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:00

The Busy Dad and Busy Mom Workout

No matter what technological advances come out to make our lives more efficient and effective, we seem to have less and less free time in our daily lives.  With the daily responsibilities of being a parent, it seems nearly impossible to consistently make time for the gym.  But don’t worry; there are exercises you can fit into your existing day that can be surprisingly effective.  If you want to lose weight and have more defined muscles, fit the below routine into your daily schedule for 4 weeks. 

The Wake and Tuck

After your alarm clock goes off, tuck your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around your knees. Now, just rock slightly from side to side. This will wake up your spine and stretch your legs a bit. After doing this stretch for about 30 seconds, straighten your legs and move them from side to side (keeping your back on the mattress). This will further loosen your back and also engage your core.  Depending on how you feel, you can choose to do 10 or 15 crunches in bed.  

The Doorknob Squat

This might seem silly, but it works well. For your morning routine (the time you spend in the house before you leave for work), every time you touch a doorknob do 10 squats.  Personally, I touch about 6-8 doorknobs on average during my morning routine. So before I even leave for work I have already done about 60 squats, which are a powerful bodyweight exercises and a great calorie burner. 

The Ab Flex

During your drive to work do at least 5 sets of 15 ab flex’s.  Squeeze your abdominal muscles as though you're trying to touch your ribs to your stomach, hold for a couple seconds, then release. Of course, it goes without saying if this exercise takes away from your attention on the road, then stop doing them. 

At this point, you are arriving at work and you have already stretched your legs and back and exercised your legs and abs.  The first time you do this morning routine, you might find you feel more awake than you have in a long time and more focused and attentive at work.  The human body is very adaptive and responds to change well. Your body will reward you with even these subtle changes to your daily routine.

The Three Card Monte

I realize once you get to work you’re busy, but no one is too busy to take a 30 second break here and there.  Grab a deck of Strength Stack 52 bodyweight fitness cards and deal three cards (called the Three Card Monte). Each card will give you an exercise that requires only your bodyweight. Three cards are just enough to get your blood flowing, keep your metabolic rate high and thus keeping your energy level up.  An average workday lasts 8 hours (not including an hour for lunch). If you can focus on playing Three Card Monte once an hour you will have completed 24 exercises just during your workday.  Do you realize that most people who go to the gym for an hour every day don’t do 24 exercises? You completed 24 exercises taking only a 30 second break every hour, wow!

The 10 Minute Lunchtime Battle

You know how to play War with a deck of cards right? Simply grab a friend and a deck of cards, or use your Strength Stack 52, and play a game of War. With Strength Stack 52, playing War is easy, whoever deals the lowest card number has to do both exercises on the card. If you are using a regular deck of cards, you will need to determine what exercises should be given to the person who loses the hand. After playing War for just 10 minutes you will definitely notice a heart pumping workout.

The Evening Drop

This is a fun exercise to do with your family. Assign a “keyword of the day” and don’t tell anyone. Let’s assume the keyword is dog. Now, whenever anyone in your household says the word dog, you have to drop and do 10 push-ups. The next time that word is used, do 9 push-ups, then 8 and so on. The first time you do this your kids will laugh wondering what keyword made you drop. And if your kids are normal, if they find out what that keyword is, they will use it to their full advantage. 


Add a challenge to your workout by doing bodyweight exercises with The Human Trainer. A suspension gym, like The Human Trainer, adds further resistance to basic exercises like push ups, causing you to gain better results.


So now you are at the end of your day, you have worked your entire body, never needed to go the gym, never needed to carry any equipment with you and didn’t need to schedule any time for a workout, yet you burned a bazillion calories and firmed every muscle in your body. Great work!

Friday, 17 January 2014 00:00

Featured User - Azlan Zain Mohamed

Azlan Zain Mohamed is an athlete and kettlebell instructor. We interviewed him about how incorporating The Human Trainer into his routine changed his workouts for the better.


Tell us a bit about yourself, in particular as it relates to health, fitness and sports? I love strength training and competing in kettlebell sports. As a fitness professional and kettlebell instructor. I was looking for another training method or tools that will help me and my clients / students to get better. Then along came the Human Trainer that is a multipurpose suspension bodyweight training system. Perfect suit for my quest.


How long have you been using the Human Trainer, and what results have you noticed in that time? Since 2011. My shoulder mobility, stability and definition! Using the Human Trainer for rear deltoids work improved my posture too. I also discovered some of exercise or movement patterns that are new yet challenging such as suspended leg hip lifts and push up. Having something to get better is always motivating.


What are your greatest accomplishments, in particular how they relate to health, fitness and sports? I am the first Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) instructor, Certified Kettlebell - Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) and recently StrongFirst Girya (Girya) instructor. These certifications are tough and very physically demanding. It is one of my lifetime achievements so far.


In what ways do you use the Human Trainer?

As 'Yin' and 'Yang' in my practice. For example, if I do kettlebell swing, I did exercise with the Human Trainer that opposing movement patterns / muscle on certain days. On the next session, I mixed the swing with similar muscle groups or movement. So I got better at the kettlebell techniques with drills on the Human Trainer, at the same time train the whole body.


What would you say to someone considering getting a Human Trainer? 

Get it! It's a complete portable gym that you can take it anywhere and progress safely using only your bodyweight. It's an awesome, useful and cool! You can do lots of exercise with it anywhere that you can hook it safely either you just starting out your physical training or looking for advance stuff! You also can add on the Human Trainer moves with your current training program or tools. 


How have you, or how could you, use the Human Trainer to reach your next goals? With the 'Yin' and 'Yang' training concept I've describe earlier, the Human Trainer will be very helpful tools for my future kettlebell certifications and competitions.


Where do you use the Human Trainer? Have you used it indoors and outdoors? Both outdoors and indoors. I even used it in the gyms, hooking it with the Versatility Anchor made it easy.


What do you like most about the Human Trainer? The D rings! Easy adjustment in just seconds!


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The idea of a new year brings about the feeling of getting a fresh start. Our previous mistakes and unaccomplished life-checklist-items suddenly no longer plague us. We have a clean slate and vow to do better this time. One of the vows that many make at the start of a new year is the resolution to be healthier and take care of our bodies more. We start the year with so much hope, but that hope slowly gets lost in the burdens of life as the year wears on.

Perfect for high school athletics, fitness centers, college & pro athletics, and any group training program the VersusFit Group Suspension Training Truss allows 5, 10, or even 20 people to train together.

The VersusFit Group Suspension Training Truss is available in 10 foot, 20 foot, and even 40 foot packages. They are very durable, including an engineered truss structure made of welded aircraft aluminum. The truss section alone is rated to support over 4,000 pounds. The design of the VersusFit Group Suspension Training Truss allows the entire gym to be easily portable, and to be set up or taken down in approximately 15 MINUTES. This means that your group can train outside, in a park, on the beach, at a school, or where ever you and your group want to train. Let others see what your group is doing that is fun, effective, and adds new dimensions to your physical fitness program.                 

VersusFit Suspension Training Systems will build a custom VersusFit Group Truss designed specifically for your facility or training group needs.  These custom packages are very affordable and offer an outstanding ROI.  VersusFit Custom Truss Systems are overhead, out of the way, and take no floor space away from your fitness facility, yet offer tremendous additional activity and value to your training programs. Quickly and easily add punching bags, Human Trainers, resistance bands, or battle ropes.


CONTACT US for more details




Let’s face it. As much as we’d like to believe the holidays are a fun and joyous time for all, it’s usually the most stressful time of the year for many.

It can bring out the worst in the best of us.


The holiday season adds to your already busy schedule with shopping, parties, decorating, dinner planning, spending money you don’t have, and dealing with crazy family. Ugh! Just writing that is exhausting! But enough with the Bah Humbug. Here are some tips to take the stress out, and bring the jolly back into “the happiest time of the year.”


1. Let go of Perfectionism - If you’re anything like my family Christmas isn’t Christmas unless the decorations are flawless, everyone gets the perfect gift, and the appetizers are perfectly lined up on perfectly polished silver trays. As much as we appreciate all the work that’s put into it, this leads to pulling out hair and quite a few squabbles. Stop obsessing over the little details. No one is going to care or remember if the house is a little dusty, or if you didn’t make that extra dessert.


2. Accept Change - Don’t try to force tradition. Things change as families grow and children grow up. Accept that some family traditions may not work anymore, or that it may be time to incorporate some new ones.  


3. Stick to a Budget - Be realistic about what you can afford.  Don’t try to buy happiness with gifts, especially if your not in the financial position to do so. Nothing causes more stress than debt, and Christmas debt-stress can carry on well into the new year. 


4. Get Creative - If your looking to save a few bucks look for creative alternatives to gifts like baking treats or self-made coupons (babysitting your sister’s kids, or a back massage for your mate). Research shows that one is more likely to achieve sustained happiness with memorable activities over material things. So, why not schedule a fun outing for the whole family rather than buying gifts this year?  


CLICK HERE for Winter Activity Ideas


5. Write it Out - Make a schedule for shopping, baking, and visits. Writing it down will show you in black and white if your plans are realistic or not.  Make sure to schedule in some “Me Time” for you to rest and unwind. Plan out meals ahead of time and make shopping lists.


6. Simplify - If it doesn’t fit into the schedule learn to say no. Don’t sacrifice your “me time” for an extra outing. If it is a must, try to cancel something else that isn’t as important. DON’T add on! Friends understand that the holidays can be overwhelming. Schedule a date with them after the rush dies down. They may even thank you for it! 

Simplify tasks too: send out Christmas emails instead of cards. Avoid the mall craziness and shop online --> The gifts show up at your door! Sounds good doesn’t it. :)


7. Holidays Don’t = Free for All - I know things are hectic, but that doesn’t mean you should set aside healthy eating habits, proper sleep, and exercise. Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to pig out or drink too much. Trust me, you’ll hate yourself for it. It only leads to more stress, weight gain, and embarrassment. In addition, research found that exercise can boost your mood for up to 12 hours. So if you’re feeling a little Grinchy just exercise it away!


CLICK HERE for tips to avoid holiday weight gain.


8. Think positive - Try to focus on what the holidays are really about - family time, togetherness, and love!  If you feel negative thoughts taking over, stop, breathe, and instantly try to replace them with something you’re grateful for. If you’re dealing with difficult relatives try to accept them the way they are instead of getting frustrated about how they “should” behave. Put aside ongoing feuds till after the holidays. If you must, it’s okay to limit your interaction and time with difficult people to spare yourself. Know your limits. Kindly excuse yourself, and move on.


9. Stomp Out Loneliness - If you are one of the many who doesn’t have family to celebrate with, don’t get yourself in a funk. Friends can be the family you always wanted! Most people are so caught up in their own thing during the holidays, so don’t be afraid to mention that you’re alone, or invite them over to your place. If you can’t find anyone to hang with why not volunteer? Studies have shown that helping others helps one to feel better about themselves.  *If you’re really depressed you don’t have to fight it alone. Please seek professional help.


10. Breathe and Relax - To relax tense muscles try tensing each large muscle group one at a time for a count of 10, and then releasing. Start with your feet and work your way up. To relax your mind and body try deep breathing.  Lie on your back with your eyes closed. Concentrate on your breath and breathe slowly through your nose and into your belly. It should take at least a count of 10 to fill your belly. Hold it for a couple of seconds and then release the air for a count of 10 through your mouth, making sure to empty your lungs. Repeat the process 10 times.



The good thing about holiday stress is that unlike other stressors we can see it coming, and therefore plan for it.  Remember, it’s easier to prevent stress than to have to come out of it, so start working on it before the stress is even triggered. Follow these 10 tips and you’ll be sure to have a merrier holiday.


BONUS TIP:  Sniff your Christmas tree! That's right, you heard me! Research shows that the smell of pine relaxes the mind and improves mood. So stick your nose in it!



Resources: psychcentral, mayoclinic, webMD, USAtoday

Training with a suspension gym is a fantastic way to prep your body for ski and snowboarding season because it requires similar type movement to these sports. Improve your endurance, strength, stamina, and balance with The Human Trainer suspension gym.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013 00:00


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Thursday, 12 December 2013 00:00

Thinking Positive

"What you do is create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that picture as if it were already true."

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 7 time Mr. Olympia winner, Hollywood superstar, Entrepreneur and Governor believed in himself and his big dreams since a very young age and went on to achieve them by sheer will and persistence.  His formula for success? Thinking positive, he didn’t fail because he never thought he would and that is how one has to be when in pursuit of dreams.

People spend hours upon hours in the gym and still some don’t come out the way they want to. The reason and constraint is often not in the physical capabilities but the psychological ones. Losing heart is a big problem in building up fitness and muscles, it takes patience; more for some than others. 

I write this because I suffered from the same problems. I started working out at a gym, started light: low reps and low weights, but increased as fast as I could. I jumped from one weight to another twice every month—the result? Not at all what I was expecting, I looked barely different than from before while a friend who had started along with me had cuts and had muscles showing all over. After this expedition, I lost heart and gave up the gym. But one time after watching the terminator (starring the great Arnold Schwarzenegger) I got curious and googled him. What I found was absolutely fascinating; his working ideology, and the way he approached body building was utterly inspiring. So I took to the gym once more with renewed vigor and this time I didn’t wait to see the results every time I flexed a muscle but rather imagined myself in the physical image of Arnold and having completely chiseled and broad frame with bulging muscles. I worked with that motivation and eventually after months of working on it with focus and determination and pushing myself beyond what I previously deemed as my limit I succeeded and now I transformed myself from a skinny and lightly built guy to a formidable frame. 

The main idea is keeping oneself motivated and positive. Here are a few tips so you don’t lose the motivation:

  • Don’t get beat by the monotony of a routine; often what happens is that people lose stimulus by losing sight of the purpose as they get set into a routine and hence start taking things for granted and stop pushing themselves which in fitness training and body building is fatal to the cause. Because as Muhammad Ali once said, the only crunches or reps that count are the ones which you do after the muscle gets fatigued and starts aching. So when one is not actually thinking and just going through the motions these extra bits fall through and all the hard work goes to waste.

"The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer."

—Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Positivity is contagious; once you start to work on something it is really important that you are surrounded by the right people because people who are negative will only bring you down and hamper your progress, Arnold said that worries and troubles and having negative thoughts always made his exercise regime restricted, this happens because when distracted by other thoughts one loses focus and hence is met with failure. So it is essential that you are surrounded by motivated people so that not only can you keep yourself encouraged but also you can compare progress and learn if there is something lacking in your training regime.

"Positive thinking can be contagious. Being surrounded by winners helps you develop into a winner."

—Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Be childishly audacious in your dreams; belief in yourself is perhaps the most important aspect of success and for that you can never think that what you are set out to do is unachievable, dream as a child does: don’t think too practically believe that you can be superman and you might find that in some way at least you might just accomplish that. People who get bogged down by the technicalities to much fail to get what they want, an ideal physique requires you to push your limits and in order for you to do that limits have to be thought of as breakable.

"I wanted that body and I didn't care what I had to go through to get it."

—Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Positive thinking has to extend to all parts of your life; if you try and be positive inside the gym but fail to do so outside of it and are worried about everything else then you are bound to fail inside too because negativity and worries seep through, humans don’t have isolation chambers inside their heads. So try to remain positive in all aspects of your life so that you can translate your general confidence into focused positive energy inside the gym.

"When I see that I have certain backward attitudes, I reason them out and work to make my outlook more realistic."

—Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Finally have an idol to follow and be inspired by because in times of skepticism you’ll need support and the knowledge that someone out there before you did what you’re trying to and if he can then you can as well. There are a lot of success stories out there, for me it was Arnold Schwarzenegger—who is sort of an ideal candidate for such a role—but there can be others as well. You can learn a lot from these people and you may find answers and solutions to problems that you’re facing because they have already been tackled with by someone before you. 

"The more I focused in on this image and worked and grew, the more I saw it was real and possible for me to be like him."

—Arnold Schwarzenegger