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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 18:22

Fitmas Gifts - Day 3- STOCKING STUFFERS!

Stocking Stuffers and lil' gifts

Had a good weekend? Did you miss me? :p

Today's gifts are perfect mini gifts and stocking stuffers for the fitness lover on your nice list... Heck! we like the naughty ones too, so get them something! (Don't tell Santa)

Astone Fitness Jump Rope

The comfortable soft grip handles and unique and easily adjustable length capability makes the Astone Fitness Jump Rope ideal for everyone. It is designed to be used by people of all ages and heights. Adjusting the length takes only seconds. The flex swivel design allows the rope to rotate smoothly for greater control and speed, giving you a more effective workout.

Human Trainer or Ripcords Exercise Posters

The Ripcords Poster includes 36 exercises using Ripcord resistance bands. The Human Trainer poster features 40 suspension gym exercises.

Stretchbuddy Strap

The Stretch Buddy is the ultimate stretching and training aid.

Ripcords Advanced Door Anchor

This Door Anchor will turn your door into your own cable machine in the comfort of your own home!

Friday, 05 December 2014 00:00

Fitmas Gift Ideas - Day 2

Howdy Fitmas shoppers!

Today's gift is for virtually anyone on your list - any age, any size! Anyone can use it!

The Human Trainer Essential Kit is a full body strength training system in the convenience of two simple straps. 

Forget the gym membership. At the low price of $119.99 this gift is a steal!



Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00

The 5 Days of Fitmas Gift Ideas!

Merry Fitmas Everyone!

We're bringing you a great gift idea every day, for that hard to buy for fitness lover on your list.

Today's Gift is for the strong, athletic type... who doesn't have time to go all the way to the boring, old, gym.



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This Ripcord isn't your granny's resistance band.

Tension is ULTRA EXTREME. Exercising with this baby is like lifting 62-90lbs.


PLUS - Impress them with a Ripcords Versatility Anchor.

With this they can take their workout ANYWHERE!

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With each passing day, most people set weight loss goals all over the world. While some manage to achieve their objectives most people end up leaving their weight loss programs due to lack of motivation. The main question to ask is; do you have the right goal? Do you have the right motivation to shape up your life? Being healthy is the ultimate key to a good life. Losing weight may be the main reason for choosing to join a fitness club, but when compared to fitness, being slim should not be your biggest priority.

When do you know that you are not fit? 

No matter how much you weigh, you need to figure out whether your body size is more important than your health. When do you know that you are not fit even if you look like a runway model? Here are some few factors to show you that you need to get fit; 

1. Do you struggle to catch your breath after taking a short walk, taking the stairs ,or a simple exercise? 

2. Are you always lightheaded or dizzy after doing minor chores? 

3. Are you having sleepless nights for no reason at all?

4. Are you always fatigued or constantly sick? 

If you have noticed the above signs, then you definitely are not fit. Sometimes, weight loss is not as important as being fit. Even though a slim body and a lean shape are envied by most men and women, being healthy is the biggest priority. There are so many reasons why you should consider being fit before you think about the number of pounds you need to lose. 

Flexibility and Balance 

This is the way your body is able to move and how well your joints can work. Joint pains are not only restricted to overweight people. You can easily get joint pains and diseases even if you are slim. Being fit or exercising for fitness increases your flexibility and hence ensures that your joints function well. When you always exercise regularly, you maintain your body balance and reduce your chances of falling and getting body fractures. 

Fitness improves your overall Body Health 

Diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes are mostly caused by unhealthy daily practices. As you eat a lot of sugars and fats, you make your body unhealthy day-by-day. With time, your sugar level rises above normal rates, your cholesterol content becomes dangerously high and you start to develop diseases. A common misconception is that these diseases are only for obese people. This is wrong! As long as your sugar and fat levels are high, you are prone to diseases easily. Exercising for healthy purposes is good as it helps you burn calories as you maintain your health status. 

You should always visit your doctor to constantly monitor your health status no matter how big or small you are. So many hospitals have medical benefits that allow you to track your body progress and how fit you are. Although most fitness programs lead to weight loss, make fitness your first goal and you automatically will lose weight. If you always stay healthy you will loom good and feel good about yourself every day.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 00:00

Working Out and Still No Muscle?

Working out regularly and still not seeing the toned muscular body of your dreams? 


Not getting results when you’re a dedicated exerciser is frustrating to say the least, and  is the number one reason people give up. But, just because you’re exercising doesn't necessarily mean you are doing everything right.


Here are the top 10 reasons why you may not being seeing the results you’re after:


1) FAT!

You may actually be building muscle, but if you’re not getting rid of the layer of fat between your muscles and skin, you’ll never look toned.


Some muscles (like abs and thighs) may seem hard to develop, but the reality is that fat seems to stick to these areas more than others. These stubborn areas are often the first place the fat goes when you gain it, and the last place it comes off when you’re losing it.


How do you lower your body fat?

With proper diet, cardio, AND strength training.


Many exercisers who are trying to gain mass will argue that cardio eats away at muscle and its best to stick with strength training. While that may be true if you over do it on the cardio, you still need it to lose that fat layer, or you’ll never look cut. If you feel that cardio is too time consuimg, may I suggest doing HIIT.


*** More on proper diet in #’s 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10  See how important diet is? :)


2) Calories

Your calorie consumption is very important to your muscle results. Your body needs nutrients to repair tissue, and grow. If you aren’t eating the right amount of calories and the right types of foods you will never gain the expected results for all the effort you put in at the gym. If you’re having trouble gaining mass you may be calorie deficient, and if you're having trouble getting cut, you may be consuming too many calories. 

The proper calorie count is different for everyone depending on many factors such as age, sex, and activity level. Consult a nutritionist, your doc, a personal trainer, or use a BMR calculator to find the calorie level that’s right for you.

3) You’re not eating the right things

Muscle requires protein, carbs, and fat to grow.

The more you stress your body, the better your nutrition needs to be. The best way to plan your muscle building diet is to split it up into protein/carbohydrate/fat ratios. Many experts say the best ratio of muscle growth is 30/50/20. Meaning, you’re getting 30% of your total calories from protein, 50% from carbohydrates, and 20% from fats.

Many people, especially women, don’t eat enough protein. Eat a source of high quality lean protein with each meal (egg whites, lean meat, quinoa, fish, protein powder, etc.)

For carbs, choose natural, complex carbs such as: vegetables, oatmeal (not instant), yams, potatoes, beans, and brown rice.


When I say fats I mean “good fat” like flax oil, fish fat, nuts, seeds, and avocado.


For more on good fat vs. bad fat CLICK HERE


4) You’re not eating often enough

Research has shown that eating 5-6 smaller meals (instead of our standard 3 meals/day) is better for us, our energy levels, and quickens our metabolism.

Watch portion size, and try to eat at even intervals such as every 2-3 hrs. Think about it, if your body gets used to food coming into your system every 2-3 hrs it will be less inclined to store it as fat because it is sure food is coming and that you will not starve yourself.

If you don’t feel like you have the time to eat that often remember that not all meals have to be “full meal size.” A balanced snack or a protein shake will work just fine. This will require nothing more than a little bit of pre-planning, and taking food to work or on errands with you. It’s easier than you may think!

5) You’re not getting enough water

Water is SO important for so many different reasons. (Learn more about water benefits here) Many people think if they have water right before, after, and/or during their workout that they’re properly hydrated, but you must hydrate yourself at least 3 hrs before your workout for it to count. Make it a point to drink water throughout your day.


6) You’re not exercising with purpose

A lot of people get a workout plan and just go through the motions, or train “too light.” If you’re not challenging yourself, your muscles will never get bigger.


  • You should up the anti as you get stronger. Keep a log of how much you lift and how many reps you do. As you feel the exercise get easier with every workout add more weight to the exercises.  Your body will eventually get used to the workout and plateau. As a general rule you should change your workout completely after 8-10 weeks, or when you notice you are no longer getting results — whatever comes first. 
  • If you want to gaining muscle you should be doing 8-12 reps per set.
  • I suggest doing mostly compound exercises such as pull-ups, and squats, and exercising to failure. What is exercising to failure? When you know another rep (with good form) isn’t possible to execute.
  • Don’t only do what you like. We’ve all done it. You have to do exercises that may not be your fav. Curse all you want, but get through it.

7) You’re doing it wrong

Form is very important when it comes to exercise to ensure that you are putting the maximum amount of stress on the muscles being worked, and to prevent injury.

Keep your reps slow and controlled, don’t swing to move the weight (if you are, the weight may be too heavy for you), don’t lock your joints at the top of movements.

8) You’re not getting enough rest

Did you know that muscle building actually takes place outside the gym? Working out actually causing tiny tears in your muscles. The muscle “builds” when it’s healing, and that happens with rest and sleep. Make sure you are getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, and to take at least one day off a week from working out. Your muscles aren’t the only thing that needs rest; so does you neurological system, tendons, joints, and even your brain. Give your body the rest it needs.

9) You’re not paying attention to pre and post workout nutrition

What you eat 1.5-3 hours before you exercise is going to affect how much energy you have for your workout. This meal should be well rounded, containing protein, complex carbohydrates, and fats. Your post workout meal is arguably the most important meal of the day because your body needs you to replenish the nutrients lost during training. 


Complex carbs are very important to your pre-workout meal and protein is very important for you post workout meal, but both meals should be well rounded containing protein, complex carbs, and fats.


CLICK HERE for more tips on pre/post workout meals.


10) You Aren’t Supplementing Correctly 

While supplements are a good “boost,” they aren’t as necessary as the other points above. Take a multivitamin to ensure you are getting all the necessary nutrients. Take a good quality fish oil or Omega-3 oil: fish oil has been known to increase metabolism and reduce inflammation. And last but not least, whey protein powder makes a great meal replacement and contains good nutrients and amino acids.


Remember, consistency is key. You should be working out a least 3 times a week, giving yourself rest days in between workouts, and eating properly. The only way to succeed is to stick with it. 


Sunday, 30 November 2014 00:00

Cyber Monday Specials

Why waste your time in annoying, crowded malls when you can shop at home in your PJ's.

Take advantage of our

Cyber Monday Sale!


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Happy Shopping!





New Human Trainer and Ripcords products right in

time for the holidays!


Tension = Ultra Extreme
Approx. Weight = 62 to 90 lbs


The Human Trainer Dual Anchor Triceps Rope adapts and connects to all anchoring options and is suitable for all fitness levels. Target and develop triceps, back, biceps, abs, shoulders and improve grip strength using the dual anchor triceps rope attachment for both indoor and outdoor training. The Human Trainer Triceps Ropes are manufactured with commercial grade materials for sturdy attachment and safety and are designed and constructed with heavy duty and durable rope and solid rubber ends to keep users hands from slipping off. Easily attach to any cable machine system or other functional trainer.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:00

Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween doesn't have to mean stuffing your face with candy. Here are 5 fun alternatives that will make eating healthy fun for the whole family!


1) The Veggie Skeleton 

veggie skeleton

Easy Peasy! Just follow the pic! Or use yourimagination with your fav vegatables.

Use a small bowl of your favorite low-cal dip for the face, sliced olives for the eyes, lettuce leaves for the hair. Red pepper slices make great ribs!

Other vegetables in this pic: celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, sliced mushrooms, snow peas. sliced cucumber, cauliflower, and baby carrots. 

2) The Guaca Hurl

halloween hurl

Make your fav guacamole. Buy a plastic jack o' lattern at your local dollar store. Set it up on a serving plate, and voila! The kids will squeel with delight!

3) Ghost Bananas & Tangerine Pumpkins


 Cut bananas in half. Use chocolate chips for the ghost faces. Peel tangerines, and insert a small piece of celery for the stem.

4) Frankenstein Kiwis

10686952 10154767691260121 262088924929757206 n


Cut the sides off kiwis so you are left with a rectagular shaped center, making sure to leave one side for the hair. Use dried cranberries for the ears and eyes, and shedded cocunut for the mouths.

5) Healthy Candy Corn


In a clear glass start with pineapple chunks on the bottom, then a layer of tangerine slices, and a little low fat whip cream to top it off


Resources: Pictures and ideas provided by

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