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Affiliate Program


Welcome to our affiliate area for Astone Fitness.

Affiliate Options / Reseller Options:

  • Affiliate Referral Sales: Our affiliate program offers 15% commission on any referral sales to any of our websites.  >>> More Info
  • Drop Shipping Setup:
    You make the sales, we'll do the shipping.  >>> More Info
  • Wholesale Pricing:
    Sell our products in your store. >>> More Info


Affiliate Referral Sales:

"" Affiliate Program - Earn 15% Commission for Every Sale...

  • High Conversion ratio. Sales convert on average every 15-20 clicks!
  • Our website turns an excellent number of visitors in to buyers making you more money
  • Quick and easy setup - you'll be ready to go in only 2 minutes
  • Coupon codes to entice buyers
  • Banners that you can use
  • We have various brands and products that cater to all types of individuals
  • Fitness products are one of the highest converting products on the internet
  • Free to Join...
  • issues payments via check and Direct Deposit on the 20th of each month.

Step 1: Get a FREE account with

By clicking the link below and getting account with Shareasale, you can send visitors directly to this site with a unique tracking code.

CLICK HERE to get the free account 

Step 2: Gather marketing materials:
We have banners, coupon codes and marketing materials in our profile at

Step 3: Send traffic to your unique link
To get started by receiving your link and banners visit this link.





Drop Shipping Setup:

IMPORTANT NOTE: DropShipper's agree that ALL 3rd party sales are restricted and to ensure that no third parties, as in business customers it sells to for the purposes of reselling Products including the DropShipper, will sell via any third party forums such as Amazon, EBay or any other such sites not directly owned or controlled directly by such third party. DropShipper will ensure that such third party businesses will follow all rules, regulations of Astone and DropShipper Agreement.

If you're interested in becoming a drop shipper please fill out the form and we will email you the requirements and links to download our latest product photos. Astone Fitness holds strict policies that all Drop Shippers must not sell any Astone Fitness products less than our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) as found on



Wholesale Pricing:

Astone Fitness holds strict policies that all Wholesalers / Resellers must not sell any Astone Fitness products less than our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) as found on

Click here to get further information on all our wholesale products and how to place your order.