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We create Products that bring
the HUMAN experience to Fitness.

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About Astone Fitness

"We create products that bring the HUMAN experience to Fitness. 

Our mission is to empower every BODY to uniquely design a lifestyle committed to FitnessHealth and Wellness...  Anyplace- Anytime.  

Best in class quality, without compromise".

At Astone Fitness we are committed to improving your health and wellness by offering the highest quality health and fitness products. Our mission is to take the difficulty out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by creating innovative functional fitness products that make staying active quick, easy, fun and accessible to virtually anyone, anywhere.

Whether you are a traveling business person or a stay at home parent, beginner or pro, our equipment can travel with you, sets up in seconds, and gives you a full body workout in minutes.

At Astone Fitness, we strive to be more then just an equipment supplier. Through our site, events and charitable donations we aim to empower you with all the tools and information you need to be a stronger, healthier, and more flexible you.


Back Story

In late 2003, International Certified Trainer and athlete Darren Shane partnered with a friend and created Astone Fitness. In early 2004, Astone Fitness entered the portable fitness equipment market and launched an infomercial with its flagship product Ripcords® resistance bands

Ripcords® quickly became the leader in the resistance bands category. The success was owed to a commitment to quality, innovative ergonomic handles and a strong brand backed by a solid warranty and satisfaction guarantee. This reinvention of the humble, yet versatile, resistance band brought a variety of celebrity, military and fitness professional endorsements.

After the success of Ripcords®, Astone Fitness decided to expand its brand in keeping with its motto at the time "if it doesn't fit in your car, we don't sell it." Astone Fitness added complimentary products including the Stretch Buddy®, Complete Chin-Up®, and the expansion of the Circuit7® line of efficient workout DVDs.

Astone Fitness took a big step in 2010 with the global release of The Human Trainer®. Due to the combination of high product quality, innovative, patented design and advanced functionality, the Human Trainer® is now widely recognized as the leading functional fitness product on the market today. It has been featured in a variety of fitness publications, is used by multiple major league sports organizations and is carried around the world by our international distribution partners.

In January 2013, Astone Fitness appeared on CBC Television's wildly popular show, The Dragon's Den to pitch an investment to 5 of Canada's leading business tycoons. 


From all of us at Astone Fitness, thanks for helping us make fitness more fun, more portable and more efficient.about ripcords